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Temporary art on derelict sites in Rotterdam

Between the dereliction of an old building and the construction of a new landing, there is a moment of weeks, months, sometimes years that you find wasteland in the city.In Rotterdam the policy in some areas is to offer…

Architecture, film and Rotterdam

A city consists of a pallet of buildings, streets, parks, views and enclosed areas. Places that tell a story, bring out emotions, are the stage for urban life. Drive on the van Brienoordbridge in Rotterdam and experience the skyline of…

CityPoem 76 – Rotterdam (3)

Photo: Jeroen Laven What happens when Rotterdam’s waste disposal company and poetry international get together? Rotterdam CityPoem by Miquel de Palol Every Rotterdammer knows them: the lines of poetry on the garbage trucks. It is the project called “Het gedicht…


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Rotterdam Week 8 questions – 8: Marc Verheijen

Architect at the department of Public Works Rotterdam, Professor in ‘urban infrastructure & mobility’ at the Rotterdam University, College of Applied Science. Author of ‘In Transit, mobility, city culture and urban development in Rotterdam’. Lives and works in, with, on…

Rotterdam week 8 questions – 44: Ina Klaassen

Rotterdam is the most “un-Dutch” and diverse city of The Netherlands. How do you describe Rotterdam to people in other countries. What are the qualities of the city. Why are they so good? Rotterdam is the most “un-Dutch” and diverse…

Rotterdam week 8 questions – 26: Kees van Oorschot

I think the Rotterdam Climate Initiative will affect daily live in Rotterdam for the years to come. To reach the goals set out by the initiative means a change in economic thinking and development. Industry and transport, among other things,…