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Great places of Stockholm - Swedenborgsgatan. Two years ago we did the City at Eye Level workshops with th City of Stockholm. Swedenborgsgatan was one of the places we analysed, with the city and the ...

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Great places of Stockholm - Kungsträdgården. Started thirty years ago by this great placemaker Sam Carlquist. He now resigned, and although the new 1998 design allows for less flexibility, the place...

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Great places os Stockholm - Hötorgsterassen. A roof space turned into a place. All you need is some plants, water, deckchairs and a couple of food trucks. And a crane to lift the trucks.

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11 June 2015Rotterdam Rooftop Days


The Rooftop Days of Rotterdam are a festive exploration of the rooftops of Rotterdam JUNE 11 – 14: ROOFTOP DAYS Do you want to experience the city in a way you never have before? This year, you can! Where else than in the high-rise city of the Netherlands: Rotterdam. You can hit the roof from […]

9 April 2015Metropolitan Field Trip Film Brussels: Our City


As part of the Metropolitan Field Trips, AFFR is screening every month a film on a European city. After Athens, Zürich and Lisbon this month it is Brussels! In preparation for the field trip the film Our City of Marina Tarantino will be screened. Our City, Marina Tarantino (Belgium, 2014, 83 min.). The film is […]

26 February 2015Inspiring Cities Film: Zürich


An introduction evening on Zürich and it’s urban developments. Zürich is a leading global city and among the world’s largest financial centers; most of Switzerland’s research and development centres are concentrated here. But at the same time it is the place where one of the first fablabs in Europe was situated, where new small enterprises […]


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Prague Sculpture Grande

International open air Festival of Sculptures in the Centre of Prague. 20 June – 30 September 2007. Prague July 2007 This article was contributed by Ellen Delzenne – thanks Ellen! Sculpture Grande is an art event that takes place in…

CityPoem 73 – Reykjavik

CityPoems in Reykjavik, about the soul of Reykjavik. Photos: Nanna Lind Reykjavik CityPoem: A Morning in June, Tómas Guðmundsson A morning in JuneA dripping silvery mist, The rain gleefully falls On busily growing flowers Barely out of the ground…

What is this bookcase doing here?

Jogging along the river Rhine in Bonn this morning I suddenly saw this strange bookcase. Almost like a statue. Photos by Jeroen Laven I stopped for a few minutes to take a look, and to my surprise people came and…


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Rotterdam-week 8 questions – 45: Iris Dudok

Rotterdam is loved by the people that know the city, live in the city, but the image of Rotterdam among outsiders is bad. You’ll have to know the city to really love and appreciate it. How do you describe Rotterdam…

Rotterdam week 8 questions: Marije van der Hammen

Marije is a true Rotterdam-fan: living on the Noordereiland, working for the city and always convincing people to move to the best city in the Netherlands.1. How do you describe Rotterdam to people in other countries. What are the…