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CityPoem 4 – Budapest

A Sentence On Tyranny. A sentence of 20 pages.Egy mondat a zsarnokságról (A Sentence On Tyranny), Gyula IllyésThis Sunday a very well known poem from Hungary, written in the ’50s. It is one huge sentence describing how tyranny effects…

CityPoem 68 – Niterói (Brazil)

A poem of Pessoa, describing the Portuguese tears the sea is made of, on top of a historic military fort opposite Rio de Janeiro. Photo: Brian Morris Photo: Brian MorrisThe photos of the poem were kindly contributed by Brian…

Breathtaking Mexico City, Megalopolis

“I am a helicopter pilot and decided to share what I see from above” says C.O. Ruiz. The result: breathtaking views of Megalopolis. Just in case he adds that all pictures are REAL. Watch & Enjoy:…


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Rotterdam Week 8 questions – 8: Marc Verheijen

Architect at the department of Public Works Rotterdam, Professor in ‘urban infrastructure & mobility’ at the Rotterdam University, College of Applied Science. Author of ‘In Transit, mobility, city culture and urban development in Rotterdam’. Lives and works in, with, on…

Culture and cities questionnaire

Can you answer the 8 Inspiring Cities questions about Cities and Culture?! 8 questions about Cities and Culture Inspiring Cities is an international network (so far 11 countries) focused on cities and culture. We like ideas for cities. We search…