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CityPoem 9 – New York

Right after the 9/11 attacks, an NYPD Officer wrote this poem on the wall on Ground Zero in Manhattan. “Take the road that leads to love, not the one to hate.” photos: Red Mantid New York CityPoem: The Road to…

Inspiring Cities Museum of CityPoems

Inspiring Cities has collected many citypoems over the years, as well as organized salons with citypoets and cities doing special projects. We have two criteria for what a citypoem is: the intention must be poetic, and it must be in…

The Twelve Principles for Cautious Urban Renewal

Kreuzberg, photo ToKi A call for Cautiousness that conquered Berlin, Germany and the rest of the World. In 1984, Berlin organised a double Building Exhibition. Mr Hardt-Waltherr Hämer and his team developed 12 principles for how urban renewal should take…


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Rotterdam Week 8 questions – 15: Esseline Schieven

… the best thing is the seeds of optimism planted all over town: the revival of the Meent, the opening of OBBA, the new community that is growning in Spangen, the survival of the new concepts on the Mathenesseweg, the…

Rotterdam week 8 questions – 42: René Hanssens

Water is the soul of Rotterdam. I would bring my friends to the Lloyd’s Quarter. A surprising mix of old and new. It shows water, our maritime and trading history. How do you describe Rotterdam to people in other countries.…