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Lees de publicatie 'Rotterdam at Eye Level'

Good reading material for Rotterdam fans, city lovers and people interested in the City at Eye Level. In English. With a story about ZOHO and..

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The London Sound Survey featuring London maps, sound recordings, sound maps, local history, London wildlife

Sounds of the City! Soundscapes of London. http://soundsurvey.org.uk

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The City at Eye Level

Call for presentations for the Placemaking Week in Vancouver in September! With Future of Places, Project for Public Spaces, The City at Eye..

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Our mission is to look for the soul of the city. Many topics are relevant in that search. Here you find our most important
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Investing in the City – Odran Reid and David O’Connor

This paper, prepared jointly by Odran Reid and David O’Connor, proposes that the city is something to invest in and that by so doing, Dublin can ensure efficient planning and delivery of services that will support the market and investors,…

Finding your way to sculptures in public space in Rotterdam

Helpful tips to find your way to a growing collection of permanent and temporary sculptures on public space in Rotterdam. The Netherlands is not a country known for its statues. The oldest existing statue in the Netherlands is the statue…

Taji the Chef: Urban Guerrilla Cooking

On Saturday the 15th of December Taji the Chef will provide us with an Urban Guerrilla Cooking-experience at 6pm at the Boompjes in Rotterdam in front of “De Nederlandse Bank”. This experience is part of Rotterdam week.Guerrilla cooking at…


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Rudy Stroink: The City of Private Initiative

“As an experiment, we should try leaving most things – or even everything – to the market. We’ve been trying it the other way round for long enough.”What is the future of cities? Why is it important to invest…

Rotterdam week 8 questions – 19: Dirk-Jan Hoets

For those who hate to make an effort and discover, Rotterdam is not the place to be – as most things worthwhile are not self-explanatory or easy to find, unless you have a guide from a Rotterdammer of course. 1.…