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Shani Ha's 'Table for Two' project plays with the boundaries of public and private spaces and wants to stimulate discussion about social interactions and relationships in New York City.Read more: po...

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26 February 2015Inspiring Cities Film: Zürich


An introduction evening on Zürich and it’s urban developments. Zürich is a leading global city and among the world’s largest financial centers; most of Switzerland’s research and development centres are concentrated here. But at the same time it is the place where one of the first fablabs in Europe was situated, where new small enterprises […]

13 November 2014Inspiring Films: The High Line


This week the Rotterdam Maaskant Prize will be awarded to landscape architect Piet Oudolf, who is known for his garden and landscape designs, among others the High Line in New York. There are currently two films in production on the work of Piet Oudolf, at least one of them will be shown during the AFFR […]

16 October 2014Inspiring Films: Markthal Special – Budapest


Food Markets – In the Belly of the City: Budapest (Stefano Tealdi, 2013) (English and Hongarian (dubbed in English)) On the occassion of the opening of the Rotterdam Markhal we screen a documentary about the Central Market Hall of Budapest. Lesser known then the Istanbul bazar or La Boqueria in Barcelona, but maybe even more […]


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Inno alla libertà – Hymn to Freedom

Inspiring Cities supports the action going on at Flickr.com to support the resistance in Burma / Myanmar.> See  http://www.flickr.com/search/?q=birmania%20freedom&w=all&s=int for examples of this action going on at the international photo website www.flickr.com. Please read these few lines carefully. Some…

Mark Jenkins: street art from Washington D.C.

What is your reaction when you see a man with his head in a wall? What would you do when you see a woman asleep (?) or worse (?!) with her face in a plate in an ‘all you can…

Sensity artworks by Stanza

A network of sensors, some fixed, and some embedded, collects data which display the emotional state of the city. Sensity artworks by Stanza are made from the data that is collected across the urban and environment infrastructure.A network of…


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Rotterdam-week 8 questions – 45: Iris Dudok

Rotterdam is loved by the people that know the city, live in the city, but the image of Rotterdam among outsiders is bad. You’ll have to know the city to really love and appreciate it. How do you describe Rotterdam…

Rotterdam week 8 questions – 26: Kees van Oorschot

I think the Rotterdam Climate Initiative will affect daily live in Rotterdam for the years to come. To reach the goals set out by the initiative means a change in economic thinking and development. Industry and transport, among other things,…

Rotterdam Week 8 questions – 15: Esseline Schieven

… the best thing is the seeds of optimism planted all over town: the revival of the Meent, the opening of OBBA, the new community that is growning in Spangen, the survival of the new concepts on the Mathenesseweg, the…