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Scholarship The City at Eye Level Spring Masterclass

Three scholarships available for the City at Eye Level Masterclass, this Spring. Are you a student or have you just started as a professional..

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Music Cities Convention: explore and define the impact of music ecosystems on cities and urban life. http://www.musiccitiesconvention.com

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Inspiration Corner

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Our mission is to look for the soul of the city. Many topics are relevant in that search. Here you find our most important
fields of interest. Just browse and enjoy the stories. Feel free to send us yours!

City poems 86- Dublin (9)

Sometimes it’s hard to say where politics end and poetry begins. Johan Moerman shot these photos in March 2006 and sent them to us with the question: are these city poems? For Johan they were! We leave the judgement to…

CityPoem 9 – New York

Right after the 9/11 attacks, an NYPD Officer wrote this poem on the wall on Ground Zero in Manhattan. “Take the road that leads to love, not the one to hate.” photos: Red Mantid New York CityPoem: The Road to…

CityPoem 74 – Paris (2)

Photo: legilimens A CityPoem from Paris, donated by legilimens. Thank you! Paris CityPoem: Passant, Yves Bonnefoy The photo was taken in Paris, near Rue de Moufftard. Passer-by, watch this great tree and from across, it can suffice.For the same ripped…


To share our inspiration we use this website, new media such as the Inspiring Cities Facebook page where you can ‘like us’ to stay up to date, or the LinkedIn group of which you can become a member. Other methodologies we use are book reviews, interviews and films.

Rotterdam week 8 questions – 23: Eddy Kaijser

Culture in Rotterdam is like the spices in your meal. Without spices, your meal has no flavour. Without culture, Rotterdam is just an other gray city made out of steel and concrete. 1.   How do you describe Rotterdam to people…

Jacqueline Vermaat: New York and other ant hills

Jacqueline Vermaat works for dS+V, the housing and planning department of the city of Rotterdam. She is head of the housing section. Jacqueline is also a notorious traveler to countries and cities all over the world. So she knows her…