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CityPoem 30 – Ghent

A CityPoem from Ghent.Ghent CityPoem: Gelukstraat, Gent by Stefan Hertmans Gelukstraat (‘Luck Street’), Ghent It was in an old school, and the windows were high, that the shadow of a man bent over up to the circle of light…

CityPoem 59 – São Paulo

The famous Brazilian poet Mario de Andrade wrote a poem about the Soul of Sao Paulo.São Paulo CityPoem: Drizzle of my São Paulo, Mário de Andrade Below a poem shown in an exhibition about the city of São Paulo.…


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Joost Schrijnen: The City Is Worth Investing In!

“If the Lisbon agreement (encouraging the knowledge economy) and Gothenburg agreement (sustainable development) are to succeed, the city must play a central role!”What is the future of cities? Why is it important to invest into cities? What changes should…

Rotterdam week 8 questions – 11: Hans Karssenberg

Hans is the co-founder of Inspiring Cities and director of Stipo, based in Amsterdam. Stipo collects and composes knowledge about urban development. 1  How do you describe Rotterdam to people in other countries. What are the qualities of the city.…

Rotterdam week 8 questions – 49: Jacques van Heijningen

When you drive with your car and pass the van Brienenoordbridge, you are happy to be almost home. Inspiring Cities interviewed Jacques van Heijningen. Jacques van Heijningen is the director of the Rotterdam Fund for Film and Audiovisual media. He…