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16 July 2014Inspiring Films: “The Oil Rocks”


The Oil Rocks – City above the sea (Marc Wolfensberger, 2009)

100 km off the coast of Baku in the Caspian sea, lies Neft Daslari, a network of oil rigs with a hotel, apartments, shops and sports facilities for 5,000…

26 June 2014Open ZoHo


Open ZoHo Rotterdam
Information: ZoHo Rotterdam…

18 June 2014Inspiring Films: “Garbage Dreams”


Garbage Dreams (Mai Iskander, 2009)
Connected to the theme “Urban by Nature” of the 5th International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam, the first film is dedicated to Urban Metabolism: waste and recycling. Guest speaker is Césare Peeren of Superuse Studios in Rotterdam…


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LoveLocks Revisited: Pécs, Hungary


Have a lock inscribed for the two of you, lock it to the gate, throw away the key, and your love will last.
Earlier Inspiring Cities published about the Lovelocks in Tata, near the lake. Lovers inscribe their names in…

CityPoem 93, Amsterdam (3)

We will laugh again.
Your star will shine again, Amsterdam
The magic will work it’s way again, Amsterdam
Spring is drawing near, Amsterdam
You will fall in love again, Amsterdam
You will move freely again, Amsterdam
We will laugh again,…

CityPoem 48 – Barcelona


Our first CityPoem from Barcelona, thanks to Jeroen Boggia’s contribution.
Barcelona CityPoem: Les Formigues, Joan Salvat-Papasseit
Unfortunately, no English translation yet.
Original text in Catalan:
Camí de sol
per les rutes amigues
unes formigues.
See also:

Barcelona (2) – inspiring…


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Rotterdam Week 8 questions – 8: Marc Verheijen


Architect at the department of Public Works Rotterdam, Professor in ‘urban infrastructure & mobility’ at the Rotterdam University, College of Applied Science. Author of ‘In Transit, mobility, city culture and urban development in Rotterdam’. Lives and works in, with, on…

Rotterdam week 8 questions – 26: Kees van Oorschot


I think the Rotterdam Climate Initiative will affect daily live in Rotterdam for the years to come. To reach the goals set out by the initiative means a change in economic thinking and development. Industry and transport, among other things,…