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CityPoem 81 – Rotterdam

A line from a poem by Leopold, who lived in Rotterdam: “In all things is a glance.” Photo: Hans Karssenberg Rotterdam CityPoem: 2, Leopold This line is placed on the façade of the ever popular Mediterranean hotel and restaurant Bazar …

Jan Merx: Disturbing the Usual

Jan Merx: a Dutch visual artist who likes to interact with the built environment. He uses the combination between the context and his statement to disturb the usual. This is necessary to provoke people to think, feel and perceive more…

Caminito, Buenos Aires

The possibilities of creative urban transformation: Caminito in the barrio of La Boca, Buenos Aires. How do you transform a run-down, no-go area of your city into one of its biggest tourist attractions, in the process generating hundreds of jobs…


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Rotterdam week 8 questions – 26: Kees van Oorschot

I think the Rotterdam Climate Initiative will affect daily live in Rotterdam for the years to come. To reach the goals set out by the initiative means a change in economic thinking and development. Industry and transport, among other things,…