The soul is in Rotterdam Zuid, Afrikaanderplein and Beijerlandselaan in summer.

1. How do you describe Rotterdam to people in other countries. What are the qualities of the city. Why are they so good?

Rotterdam is second big city in the Netherlands, well known across the world for the harbour. But Rotterdam is more than just a working city: it’s a city with many cultures and many festivals, very modern, trendy, industrial, also full of history, hip and very lively. There is always something fun/new/interesting going on in Rotterdam. It’s an intriging city, full of surprises.

2. What are the bad points of the city. Why are they so bad?

Rotterdam has hidden its suprises sometimes very well. It’s very hard to find the interesting places, also because they are sometimes far apart. If you don’t know where to go, I think you miss the best of the city, and that is a pity! The city is not really fit for intuitive travel.

Also the way people treat each other seems hardened. I notice in traffic, people not minding each other, not even caring, just getting ahead themselves. It gives the city a harsh edge. Although, when I spend a week in Rotterdam Zuid, I was delighted to find so many very nice and sunny people in the shops and streets (the great weather might have caused this, but it felt great).

3. What is the importance of culture for Rotterdam. Why?

Culture is what make the city a city, more than just a scenery.So, very important! It makes the difference between nice and great, between bad and terrible. Culture is binding, and in Rotterdam, we can sure use some of that!

4. What metaphor, quote, painting, filmscene or building best describes the relationship between Rotterdam and culture?

I’m afraid I have to go for the statue of Zadkine, De verwoeste stad. Although there is a lot going for Rotterdam, and from the right angle there seems nothing to be wrong, Rotterdam misses something near the heart. Westill have notfound the best fit yet. Like a teenager, searching for the way the world works. Maybe not crying in agony anymore, but desparate, witha lot of passion, too. I hope the man heals in the coming years and can cry out his joy.

5. What’s the best thing that happened in Rotterdam in the last 12 months. Why?

I think the new administration is ahuge step in starting in the right direction.

6. What’s the biggest challenge the city has to face the coming decades?

Overcoming its difficulties in being a multicultural community, maturing in a way, becoming one city.

7. What idea, person, thing or event do you think will be influential in Rotterdam in the coming years?

I hope something ore someone will trigger Rotterdam to grow up and become a real big city.

8. Where will you bring someone who asks you: show me the soul of Rotterdam!?

For scenery the Maasboulevard and Wilhelminapier, but the soul is in Rotterdam Zuid, Afrikaanderplein and Beijerlandselaan in summer 😉

Rotterdam week 2007

This article is part of Inspiring Cities Rotterdam week 2007. More about the event  here.

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